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How To Get The Best Star Themed Classroom

A star themed classroom is probably one of the most common themes out there.  For me though, that doesn’t make it less special.  I get it: stars are empowering, grand and inspirational.  It’s a wonderful analogy to give to our students and can be used in lots of creative ways.  Check out my ways to get the best star themed classroom.     Work It Into Your Classroom Management Stars are a super easy theme to work into your classroom management methods.  They are a great way to track progress, and reward students for their effort.  It naturally provides such a warm tone to any classroom management strategies as it leans easily towards positive reinforcement.Continue reading

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Detective Classroom Theme

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* It’s been a while since I posted a fun classroom theme!  So here is a compilation of the best ideas I’ve  seen for an awesome detective classroom theme.  This theme is great because: which kid out there doesn’t fantasize about going to a super secret spy school?  With a theme like this, you’ll have your students feeling like they’re part of a very exclusive and important mission within their school.  So, take out your shades, magnifying glasses and trench coats and check out these awesome ideas for the best detective classroom theme.   Classroom Decor Here are some ways to decorate your class to look like theContinue reading

Classroom Themes

Up Up and Away Classroom Theme

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* I love this up up and away classroom theme!  It suggests something magical and adventurous, and if you combine this with your students imagination you have the perfect mix!  There is something empowering about soaring towards the sky and it’s wonderful imagery to give your students regarding their own journeys throughout the year.  Here are some ideas about an empowering and uplifting up up and away classroom theme: Classroom Decor Here is a great opportunity to give your class a splash of color.  I also love how imitating a blue sky in your room just brightens up the atmosphere.  Seeing all this flight and promise is sureContinue reading

Classroom Themes

Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme

Dr. Seuss is just the kind of quirky & colorful theme that will have your students feeling alert and alive in the classroom.  Not to mention, they can contribute to the theme or point out what they notice after read alouds of Dr. Seuss books.  Behind all the wacky language, Dr. Seuss books contain some wonderful messages to share with your students.  Also, how fun would it be to reward them with a Dr. Seuss movie as a class management technique!  Most of these ideas are completely DIY-compliant, which helps when budgeting.  Take a look at these Dr. Seuss classroom ideas: Classroom Decor All you need to complete some of these looks are pool noodlesContinue reading