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In this advertising unit, students will be asked to identify and create their own techniques in a series of wonderful activities. This unit includes graphic organizers, checklists, rubrics, teaching tips, self assessments and more. Also included is a colorful and engaging poster set about the purpose of advertisements.
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Advertising Unit & Poster Set

Teaching kids the ins and outs of advertising can be a lot of fun, especially since marketers can target kids so effectively.  I’ve noticed that students love media literacy topics, especially the idea of creating their own ads.  That’s why I’ve come up with the perfect advertising unit for your students.  The unit package includes a great classroom poster to display on your bulletin boards. Poster Set After going through the posters and discussing ad techniques, it’s time to start the unit! Teaching Tips Attract In the first section, students are asked to plan an ad meant to attract customers.  They start off with a graphic organizer to help effectively plan just how they will attract buyers.  HereContinue reading

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Story Writing – Unit Plan Guideline

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Kids are an imaginative bunch.  And so, it goes without saying that they love creating stories!  Most students beam with pride once they’ve completed their very own masterpiece.  So this story writing unit plan guideline will appeal to your students, not to mention your curriculum :).  This guideline can be applied to grade 2-4 students, with variations in expectations and instruction. The Importance of Ideas: Talk to your students about the importance of choosing a strong and specific idea.  Teach them the important skill of being able to narrow down a broad thought, into a specific goal or story idea.  Here are some examples: Create a graphicContinue reading