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News Articles For Kids – Lesson Ideas

It’s important to raise kids with a sense of global citizenship and community awareness, and what better way is there to do this then to introduce children to the world of news?  When teaching kids about news articles it’s helpful to dissect the genre itself: define it’s characteristics, read plenty of examples and look for stylistic elements.  Once that’s done, you may have just prepared your students to be critical readers of the news, and perhaps even effective news article writers!  Below is a list of steps I recommend if you plan on teaching writing news articles for kids.  Take a look: Discuss Non-Fiction Features It’s essential that students understand that news articles fall within “non-fiction”Continue reading

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News Article Graphic Organizer – Freebie

This news article graphic organizer is great for students because it helps them plan the overall flow of their news article before writing.  It’s a great way to map their thoughts and plan out their writing, and it’s also useful for teachers to track their students before the final writing process begins.  If you liked this graphic organizer and found it useful, don’t forget to rate us down below :).