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Free Book Study – Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud

When kids love a story (especially one with a moral, diverse characters and plenty of great language) I like to make it a focus of study.  In that spirit, I created a free book study resource of Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud.  The book study is meant to reinforce effective reading strategies such as: – Predictions – Mental Images – Inference – Making Connections – Summarizing – Identifying Story Elements The package includes 8 worksheets, with each one reinforcing a different reading strategy.  This is a perfect way to get kids to make more meaning out of their texts and engage with stories. Give it a try and leave a comment telling me what youContinue reading

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Teach Reading Strategies – All Students Need This!

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* I always (always!) start my year off with teaching reading strategies.  This will help your students in everything they do throughout the rest of the year.  Not only does it work miracles for their reading, but they can use these strategies across all subjects.  Here is an overview on how to teach reading strategies: Create Schema Connections: Students need to be able to relate what they are reading to something they already know.  This helps them to better retain information, relate to stories, and expand their horizons overall. Here are just some ways to foster creating schema connections as a reading strategy:   Recommended books for schema lessons:Continue reading