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Teaching has always been my passion! I am an Ontario Certified teacher. I completed my graduate studies at OISE, University of Toronto in 2010. Starting out as a teacher I quickly learned that one of the best ways towards achieving success is resource sharing and team work with your fellow teachers. This turns out to be true for most parts of life. That’s why I’ve started my blog. I want to share the best lessons, resources, and tips I’ve tried or found. I taught Grade 3 for three years, before becoming a mom to two beautiful little girls.  Let’s learn and teach together!

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To contact me email myeverydayclassroom@gmail.com

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  1. Hi there! Great content! I am trying to properly cite your resources for a class project, but I cannot find your first or last name anywhere. Can you share those details, or do you prefer to be referred to as “My Everyday Classroom” in citations?

    Thank you!

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