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Follow this 5 step plan and learn how to prevent bullying in your classroom, home and school!
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How to Prevent Bullying – A 5 Step Plan

It’s unfortunate to say that we’ve all experienced some form of bullying, and so have our kids and students. Whether being bullied, being a witness to bullying or being the cause of bullying, this pervasive social issue is strong amongst school-aged peers.  Bullying can have short and long term effects that are detrimental to students’ physical and/or mental well-being.  Here is my 5 step plan on how to prevent bullying from happening in your classroom, home or school. Also, be sure to check out my anti-bullying posters here.   1. Identify It’s important for kids to identify bullying when they see it and understand that it involves many parties.  Once they are able to identify it, theyContinue reading

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Top 4 Creative Student Awards

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Throughout the year, and especially as the year ends, we often look to acknowledge our students’ strengths as a way to give them encouragement and keep them motivated.  It’s also common to hand out student awards for overall achievement at the end of the year as a way to celebrate their efforts. But, in all honesty, this can get kind of boring.  So, I give you: the top 4 creative student awards that you MUST try! 1. Ribbons This is unlike your typical certificate because students can wear them and display them with pride to all their classmates.  There is something so rewarding in receiving a ribbon!Continue reading