The Best Landscape Art Lessons

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1. Incorporate Lines

Showing our students the beauty of lines in our art can be a great tool! Combining lines and landscape, like Painted Paper Art did here, is a great way to incorporate more artistic techniques in one lesson!

2. Talk About Perspective

Allowing students to reflect on their perspective of their art is a great way to add some depth to their work. For more on this technique check out Art Projects for Kids.

3. Use A Marbling Technique

I love this idea because it allows students to approach landscape art in a more abstract way. The free flow of the marble effect gives off a really cool aesthetic! Credit: The Artful Parent

4. Explore Patterns

Exploring patterns allows students to give their landscape art a variety of textures! See the full lesson over at Beyond Roy G. Biv.

5. Use Torn Paper

Who doesn’t have a pile of scrap paper accumulating in their art supplies? Put it to great use by using it in your next landscape art lesson! See more over at What Do We Do With Grandpa.

What is your favorite way to teach landscape art?