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Safa’s tired of the same old, sad news she sees on TV, so she comes up with a wonderful idea! She creates her own broadcast about the who, what, when, where, and why about her day at school. Her bedroom becomes her very own newsroom to tell her mom all about her day, pulling her mom away from the negative news on TV she gives her an upbeat news story to cheer her up…every night.

Large, soft cover, 20 page book


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This is a lovely story! Love the positivity and strong female character. A book that everyone will relate to and appreciate!”

“What a lovely story! The illustrations are fun, the storyline is relevant – especially in current times. The story calls on us to refocus our energy on those who are closest to us, instead of preoccupying ourselves with that which we can’t control.” – Asmaa Hussein, Author

A short piece about what prompted the author to write “Nightly News with Safa”:

Challenging Hate with Positivity

The 3 reasons the author pursued her goal of writing Nightly News with Safa

3 Reasons To Pursue Our Goals


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