Important lessons when having your second child.
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Lessons I Learned When Welcoming Baby #2

I’ve recently taken a little hiatus from a lot in life; but it’s for a good reason.  My little family recently welcomed our 2nd precious little baby girl.  While it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and new experiences, it’s been a truly beautiful time.  Through this experience, I learned many new things.  Even though this is my second child, there were a lot of new experiences to be had and lessons to be learned. This post is dedicated to sharing just some of what I have come to know while welcoming baby #2 :). Labour & Delivery Remember this lovely experience?  If you’ve been through it before, how can you not! My main lesson learned here is toContinue reading

A list of summer research projects for kids that will have kids enjoying their summer even more!
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Summer Research Projects for Kids

Summer vacation will undoubtedly be filled with many fun activities for kids to enjoy.  This doesn’t mean we can find small ways of keeping up studious habits, while still enjoying the break.  So, I’ve put together a list of summer research project for kids, that will get your kids excited about learning and also implementing their new found knowledge.  Here we go: Planet Research Have your kids research various planets, our solar system or the stars.  You could take them to a local science center or planetarium.  They could also supplement their research online (and which kid doesn’t love a reason to use the internet :)).  The best part: on a nice summer night, take theContinue reading

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Using Summer Fun To Educate Kids

With summer in full swing, many parents fear that their kids will forget the valuable educational lessons they learned throughout the school year.  But, this doesn’t have to be the case.  There is a way to allow your kids to enjoy the full adventures of summer fun, while also sneaking in some valuable lessons.  Here are some wonderful summer lessons for kids! Explore Different Creatures As the weather improves, children have the chance to see various creatures in their natural habitats. Celebrate this by learning about various creatures and how they live and eat.  One great way to commemorate this is to build a bird feeder.  Another idea is to take your children on a crittersContinue reading

Great ideas to teach kids about Ramadan!
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Teach Kids About Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is fast approaching.  It is a time for Muslims young and old to participate in extra acts of worship and good will.  Whether you’re looking for ways to diversify your classroom or teach your kids the personal importance of Ramadan, here are some ways to talk about the month! Phases of the Moon The month of Ramadan begins with the sighting of a new moon.  This is the perfect opportunity to teach young kids the phases of the moon.  Take a look at this simple craft, for kids of any age! Mosque Diorama During the month of Ramadan, men, women and children frequent their local mosques in the evening to breakContinue reading

Follow these steps to create the perfect reading corner!
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How To Create a Perfect Reading Corner

Is any classroom (or any room for that matter :D) complete without a designated reading corner?  It’s the calm serene spot of the room, where kids (and adults) can go to enjoy a favorite story or embark on a new reading journey.  Here are some of my favorite ways to create a perfect reading corner. The Company of Furry Friends Spark student imagination by allowing them a furry reading buddy.  They can cuddle up with a stuffed toy for added comfort and coziness to make their reading more enjoyable.  I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t appreciate this :). Make It Cozy & Colorful The goal here is to get kids excited about usingContinue reading

Accents (Available on Amazon)
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Sports Themed Classroom

I absolutely love a sports themed classroom!  There are so many amazing lessons in sports such as team spirit, persistence, discipline, hard work and resilience.  I also love the fact that girls get a chance to feel involved in sports culture and can benefit from all the advantages.  Here are some wonderful ideas to try our for your sports themed classroom.   Classroom Decor The perfect way to set up your classroom to be a memorable sports haven. Student Activities     Resources Here are some fantastic resources to help in setting up a magnificent sports classroom theme.

These posters will brighten up your classroom and provide your students with useful knowledge about media literacy (and the purpose of an ad)!
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Lessons About Advertisements

I recently launched a poster set about The Purpose of Ads, and this post is all about how to best use these posters to effectively teach your students lessons about advertisements.  Let’s go! 😀 *Please note all watermarks on the posters will not be visible on purchases* Persuade This poster teaches kids all about the persuasive aspects of advertisements. Reinforcement activities   Attract This poster teaches kids about how to make advertisements attract viewers. Reinforcement activities   Target Audience This poster teaches kids how advertisements target an audience. Reinforcement activities   How would you best use this poster set?

A list of the 6 best toilet paper roll crafts around!
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6 of the Best Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I love the idea of turning everyday recyclables into something useful.  So whether you’ve been saving up a stash of toilet paper rolls, or whether you’re planning to start, this post will definitely put those useless rolls to good use.  There are so many options to choose from, but I’ve put together a list of the 6 best toilet paper roll crafts I’ve seen.  These could be easily applied within curriculum topics or can just be used as some good ol’ fashion craft time. Enjoy! 1.Creepy Crawly Critters   2. Creative Transportation   3. A Royal Affair   4. More Than Meets The Eye   5. Easy Accessories   6. Staying Busy   Happy crafting!

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Fun Plant Lessons

I love when spring time rolls around because students learn all about a plant’s life cycle, they see nature embellished with colorful flowers and watch the amazing process of a plant sprouting.  Here are three important types of fun plant lessons your students should have :).   How Water Travels Here are some experiments to do with your students, to display just how water travels up a stem towards the leaves.   Examining The Parts In order to properly understand the life cycle and functions of a plant, students will need to learn about all the parts and their features.  Here are some ways to get students identifying plant parts and their roles.   Watch A Seed GerminateContinue reading