Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad – Review & Activity Ideas

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On a recent trip to Indigo, I spotted this Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad, and I knew I had to get it for my daughter!  I was sold at the sight of the word “reusable” :D.

General Thoughts

As soon as we opened it up, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the pages and the stickers.  They had a glossy coating, which didn’t easily tear.  The best part: the stickers are not sticky! They adhere to the page and don’t fall off, BUT they can easily be peeled off and reapplied as if new.

So, naturally I started thinking about how to turn this into a learning experience.  Besides the obvious discussions to be had about settings and their properties, here are some ideas to try out with your little ones.


My daughter began sorting like colors together.

There are SO many stickers to choose from for each setting, and because of that this sticker pad lends itself nicely to sorting activities.  We sorted the stickers based on attributes such as color, wheels, functions and more.

Stop Motion Creations

My daughter and I made frames for a stop motion video by moving the stickers over, ever so slightly and taking a picture.  She loved watching the finished product!


An ordering work in progress :).

Since there are so many different stickers to choose from, I had my daughter sharpen her math skills and order the stickers from smallest to largest.  You could make this more fun and order things based on: perceived age of the people, which train cabin looks the most fun and more.

What Doesn’t Belong?

For this activity, I placed a bunch of stickers on the gas station setting, and asked my daughter to find all of the things that didn’t belong.  For example, the submarine, canoe, etc.


Planes in the sky, wheels on the ground :).

For this task, I asked my daughter to do a simple logic exercise by organizing the images in their correct places.  This may seem simple enough, but for a 3 year old it was meaningful busy work.

We used the Vehicles Sticker Pad, but there were so many other cool ones to choose from, such as:

What creative tasks can you think of for this awesome sticker set?