4 Ways To Make Ramadan Educational

The month of Ramadan is approaching, and Muslims around the world are gearing up to celebrate it.  If you don’t yet know, Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, who are encouraged to fast during daylight hours, give in charity and be God-conscious.  There are a lot of lessons to be learned during this month, and we can use it to educate our children.  Take a look below for 4 ways to make Ramadan educational.

1. Teach Goal Setting

Ramadan is a great time to teach our kids about goal setting, which will help promote a growth mindset.  I absolutely love Little Wings Gallery’s “Ramadan Goals” printable.  It’s great when kids see their goals in a visual format.  It helps them note their accomplishments and see how far they’ve come and where they’re headed.  As your kids set goals, help them along by brainstorming all the little steps they’ll need to take in order to achieve them.

2. Count Money

If you’re a part of my mailing list, you would have received my “charity jar” label in your inbox by now.  We created this jar, to help my daughter learn the importance of giving to those in need.  Whenever we have guests come over to break their fast, I’ll encourage her to show them our jar so that they might contribute (this will most likely fall on to the shoulders of her poor grandparents).  We use an empty peanut butter jar, painted the lid blue and slapped on our label :).  There are some great lessons here:

  1. She will see that she has a direct impact on filling the charity jar.
  2. We will count the money out together, which is great math practice.  If she were older, I would have had her measure the increments each day.
  3. I will have her personally turn over the charity to a local organization or place of worship.  This will show her the wonderful power of paying it forward.


3. Writing Prompts

This is such a fun activity all year round.  But, I love the idea of making the writing prompts relate to Ramadan!  This is such a fun activity.  My daughter is too young to write out a story, so I’ll have her draw out a scene, which is also really fun!  The idea here is that you come up with Ramadan themed characters, settings and problems.  Write your ideas down on pieces of paper, fold the paper up and sort them into 3 piles respectively.  Then, the kids pick one paper out from each pile and have to create a story or scene using all 3 elements. It’ll most likely be hilarious!

4. Math Practice

For all the homeschooling moms out there, I know you’ll probably need a break from everything while fasting.  That’s why I creating this free Ramadan themed math package, just for you.  It’s perfect for ages 7+ and includes concepts such as data management and number sense.  There are 5 fun activities (which means you could do one or two a week).  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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