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Graphing Math Centers For Grade 3

  *This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Centers are an awesome way to get students practicing what they’ve learned in a variety of fun ways.  Here are some great ideas I’ve come across for creating Graphing Math Centers for grade 3. Identifying Graphing Elements: It’s important that students are able to identify the types of graphs as well as all their parts.  This will help them make meaning of the data presented to them.  Here are some ways to get students to do just that:     Once students are done working together to identify the graphs, they can create their own graph as a group on chart paper (oh how they love toContinue reading


Fun with Fractions – Lessons & Tips

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Fractions are so practical, they come up in everyday life all the time!  From slices of pizza, the components of a class vote or how much of a period is left until recess, students can find fractions everywhere.  Learning fractions on the other hand, now that can be tricky business.  Here are some tried and tested fun fractions lesson ideas and resources to make learning fractions engaging. Make Student Practice Visual For some students, this is key to learning fractions.  The visual component of a slices up pie or stacked lego pieces really helps to put fractions into perspective.  Here are some visual lessons to try out: UtilizeContinue reading