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Empower Students With These Self Esteem Activities

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Our students are young and are still discovering how they fit in to the world around them.  Whether your students are in grade 1 or grade 9, you will need self esteem activities to help build their confidence.  Our students live between two worlds, their home life and their social life.  As teachers, we have a unique window into their social life and it is our responsibility to teach our students how to navigate themselves while feeling proud, strong and encouraged with who they are.  Here are some wonderful self esteem activities and books for you to explore: Get students to acknowledge their strengths: Allow students an opportunityContinue reading

End Of The Year

8 Amazing End of the Year Activities

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* The end of the school year is a special time.  It’s brimming with excitement and promise, while also garnering reflection over the year that passed.  When this time rolls around teachers are mostly done with their core curriculum and find themselves with more time to try new and creative lesson ideas they couldn’t otherwise do.  However, this time shouldn’t be squandered or eagerly passed, there are really useful lessons to be had.  Here are 8 amazing end of the year activities every teacher must try! 1. Go Out with A Bang… or a pop? Leave a lasting impression of your creativity with your students.  Make the last fewContinue reading