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Stylish Classroom Decoration Ideas

  Elementary classrooms are known to be decorated with splashes of color, big bold displays, word walls, schedules and more!  However, often times teachers may forget to include a little bit of their own style sense in their classroom while catering to the eyes of their little students.  But, there’s no reason why we can’t make our classrooms both a stylish and engaging environment.  Here are 6 of the most stylish classroom decoration ideas I have come across, that are: affordable, DIY without requiring too much skill, and lastly, a stylish twist to any classroom. Check these ideas out: 1.Remodel An Ikea Trivet Ikea’s trivet is super useful in the classroom because you can apply pushpinsContinue reading

Classroom Themes

Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme

Dr. Seuss is just the kind of quirky & colorful theme that will have your students feeling alert and alive in the classroom.  Not to mention, they can contribute to the theme or point out what they notice after read alouds of Dr. Seuss books.  Behind all the wacky language, Dr. Seuss books contain some wonderful messages to share with your students.  Also, how fun would it be to reward them with a Dr. Seuss movie as a class management technique!  Most of these ideas are completely DIY-compliant, which helps when budgeting.  Take a look at these Dr. Seuss classroom ideas: Classroom Decor All you need to complete some of these looks are pool noodlesContinue reading