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Fall Classroom Ideas That Will WOW Your Students
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Fall Classroom Ideas That Will WOW Your Students

Fall is such a fun time for our students, and gives us teachers some great classroom content! From science, to language, to math and more… the Fall season is full of teaching and learning wonders. It’s also a great time to spruce up our classrooms! Check out some of my favorite fall classroom decor ideas below: 1. Pumpkin Patch Kids 2. Personalized Fall Leaves 3. A Little Hide & Seek 4. Inspire Gratitude 5. Bring in Books Which is your favorite classroom display?

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Creative Ways To Display Your Class Schedule

We’ve all seen the typical class schedule available for purchase.  Or the classroom white/black board taped off into sections for the daily schedule to be written out. However, if you’re looking for a more creative way to display your daily class schedule, while also saving precious board space, then check out these wonderful ideas! A Schedule Wheel   Here is why this is so wonderful! It’s 100% DIY, and can be placed and moved around anywhere in your classroom.  Make it as big or as small as you want it.  All you’ll need to do is: buy a round lightweight baking tray, print/draw labels, cut them out and laminate them, then attach magnet tape to the back,Continue reading

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8 Unique Ways to Display Student Artwork

Creating Art is a time for celebrating free thinking, creativity and workmanship.  Often times, when students complete an art piece they feel proud about it and want to display it.  Of course teachers love to display student artwork as a way to liven up their walls.  However, with time and experience that form of displaying art can get dull and predictable.  So, I present to you: 8 unique ways to display student artwork.  Your students will be thrilled to see their artwork this way! 1. Create An Art Mobile This is an awesome way to give your room some umph! An art mobile adds a 3D element to the work, and allows the artwork toContinue reading