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7 End of the Year Classroom Clean-up Tips

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Ok, so I know it’s not quite time to start clearing your desk, walls and student belongings, but getting an early start on your end of the year classroom clean-up is imperative!  It makes life so much simpler.  You’ll be more organized, productive and frankly happier for taking these steps early on. 1. Before all else, take pictures: You’ll definitely thank yourself later for this step.  I used to pull up old pictures of my classroom when I was stumped on how to set up a specific section for the new school year.  This is really helpful because sometimes you either want to avoid or follow specificContinue reading

End Of The Year

7 Steps to EQAO Test Success (and other standardized testing)

Standardized testing is quite the ordeal for teachers and students alike.  It really can cause undue stress and anxiety to our students and often cuts into our curriculum time as we prepare our classes.  I wont discuss the merit of standardized testing, but since it is part and parcel of our schooling system, I’ve listed 7 steps to EQAO success (and other standardized testing), which can be used in any grade.  I’ve implemented these steps in my classroom and really found that they helped to both prepare and calm my students.  Take a look at these steps, and let me know which steps you use in your classroom in the comments section. *Please note that, as perContinue reading


Fun with Fractions – Lessons & Tips

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Fractions are so practical, they come up in everyday life all the time!  From slices of pizza, the components of a class vote or how much of a period is left until recess, students can find fractions everywhere.  Learning fractions on the other hand, now that can be tricky business.  Here are some tried and tested fun fractions lesson ideas and resources to make learning fractions engaging. Make Student Practice Visual For some students, this is key to learning fractions.  The visual component of a slices up pie or stacked lego pieces really helps to put fractions into perspective.  Here are some visual lessons to try out: UtilizeContinue reading