Inspirational Class Books – These are must-haves!

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Story time is an amazing way to wind down at the end of a lesson, or at the end of the day.  Students have a chance to listen to a thoughtful story, and teachers have a chance to engage their students in a deep conversation that may not otherwise flourish.  Here are a list of inspirational class books that will spark imagination in any classroom, and get students excited about books.

Ish – By: Peter A Reynolds

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This book is about a budding artist, who loves to create artwork!  The character gets discouraged when their artwork comes under some scrutiny, but then receives the inspiration to create artwork that is “tree-ish”, “boat-ish” and so much more!  It’s a great book to show students that they should be confident in their abilities, without necessarily fitting a specific mold.  Your students will love it!  For a book review with lesson ideas click here.

Here are some more of Reynolds’ awesome books:


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Not A Stick – By: Antoinette Portis



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This book is all about using your imagination to make something out of nothing (well, in this case a stick).  Not A Stick is amazing for getting students to think outside the box.  It promotes a positive and productive attitude by showing students how to use what they have, and turn it into something amazing!  This is a must-have for any class library!

Here are some more of Portis’ creative collection:


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Press Here – By: Herve Tullet




Looking for a book that will actually have students physically interacting with it?  This may not be the ideal book for a read aloud, since it asks the reader to physically touch and handle the book, but it’s great for teacher’s reading one on one with students.  Or, better yet, its a great book to have handy during language centers, so that small groups of students can take turns completing each task in the book.  It’s such a fun read for kids!

Here are some more great Herve Tullet books:


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One – by Kathryn Otoshi

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I’ve saved the best for last!  One, is truly an inspirational story.  It demonstrates to students the importance of each and every person.  Kathryn Otoshi creates a visual story which shows colors interacting in an unfair way, while showing how to resolve such conflicts.  The book’s overall message is that everyone counts, and everyone matters.  My student’s have positively gushed over this book, as well as Otoshi’s other inspiring books.


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What are some of your inspirational must-haves?