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6 Perfect Picture Books For Struggling Readers
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6 Perfect Picture Books For Struggling Readers

For kids out there who struggle with reading, the thought of picking up a book can be daunting.  Reading a book, whether independently or in a group setting, can either: a) cause a great deal of anxiety or, b) cause students to “check out”, leaving them to miss key details for comprehension.  Whether students are struggling to read the words, or struggling to understand them, I’ve got a list of the 6 perfect picture books for struggling readers. 1. Press Here – By: Herve Tullet Press Here is a fun and interactive book that does not follow a traditional narrative format.  Instead it presents readers with a series of instructions, for which the book garners apparentContinue reading

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My Latest Book: Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud

A couple of years ago, being a “children’s author” was just a dream I had.  It was a fantasy, and just that. Fast forward to today and here I am announcing my second children’s book: Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud. With each book I wrote, I began the writing process because I was grappling with something.  It’s common, I guess, for people to find repose in writing.  However, each time I felt the urge to write I found myself heading towards my most beloved state… a mother, a teacher.  I wrote my feelings and ambitions out as children’s stories… because surely if I was grappling with something, I would want to equip our most precious communityContinue reading

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Top 5 Classroom Reading Displays

If it’s not already clear, let me just say, I love reading in the classroom!  Kids with an array of interests can get lost in the right book, find inspiration in the right read-aloud and connect with their peers through a harrowing tale.  Join me in bringing a spotlight to our reading programs, whether at home or at school, by highlighting their appeal using creative displays. Here are my picks for some of the best reading classroom displays! 1. Author Studies It’s great for students to learn about and appreciate a variety of authors.  It’s provides wonderful inspiration for their own writing.  What’s more, kids can find common themes or connections between an author’s different texts.Continue reading

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Teaching Kids Kindness

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* The kids in our care are still developing parts of their character, that will go on to shape how they treat others and how they view themselves.  As teachers and parents we have a unique and powerful role to help shape and mold the best parts of our students and kids.  One lesson I truly love to teach to my students is  kindness.  There is no better feeling in the world then knowing that your kindness has left someone else better off, and kids need to experience this amazing feeling.  There are lots of opportunities for children to laugh at their peers’ mistakes or call each otherContinue reading

The best list of the top 10 children's story books that are hilarious! Each book has a summary listed. Your kids/students will love these!
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10 Children’s Story Books That Are Hilarious!

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* When the school day was winding down, my students would anxiously wait for their favorite part of the day: read aloud time! They would inch close on the carpet and excitedly strain their necks trying to catch a glimpse of our newest read.  Even now, my daughter runs towards me with full force when I say the words “story time”!  Kid’s absolutely love a creative book, especially if it can appeal to their silly imaginative side and relieve some tension from their busy day.  Here are 10 children’s story books that are hilarious and will have your students or kids roaring with laughter and thoroughly entertained. MustacheContinue reading


Fun with Fractions – Lessons & Tips

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Fractions are so practical, they come up in everyday life all the time!  From slices of pizza, the components of a class vote or how much of a period is left until recess, students can find fractions everywhere.  Learning fractions on the other hand, now that can be tricky business.  Here are some tried and tested fun fractions lesson ideas and resources to make learning fractions engaging. Make Student Practice Visual For some students, this is key to learning fractions.  The visual component of a slices up pie or stacked lego pieces really helps to put fractions into perspective.  Here are some visual lessons to try out: UtilizeContinue reading

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Inspirational Class Books – These are must-haves!

*This post contains affiliate links for convenient viewing* Story time is an amazing way to wind down at the end of a lesson, or at the end of the day.  Students have a chance to listen to a thoughtful story, and teachers have a chance to engage their students in a deep conversation that may not otherwise flourish.  Here are a list of inspirational class books that will spark imagination in any classroom, and get students excited about books. Ish – By: Peter A Reynolds   This book is about a budding artist, who loves to create artwork!  The character gets discouraged when their artwork comes under some scrutiny, but then receives the inspiration toContinue reading