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My Latest Book: Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud

A couple of years ago, being a “children’s author” was just a dream I had.  It was a fantasy, and just that. Fast forward to today and here I am announcing my second children’s book: Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud. With each book I wrote, I began the writing process because I was grappling with something.  It’s common, I guess, for people to find repose in writing.  However, each time I felt the urge to write I found myself heading towards my most beloved state… a mother, a teacher.  I wrote my feelings and ambitions out as children’s stories… because surely if I was grappling with something, I would want to equip our most precious communityContinue reading

My Writing

3 Reasons To Pursue Our Goals

There have been so many times when I’ve been struck by a profound idea; the kind of idea I felt would make a difference in my life, my family life or my community. Then, as always (and almost as if on cue) I would convince myself that it was too far-fetched, I wasn’t capable or I was just too busy to take on a project.  But, something changed in me last year when I decided to finally take up a dream of mine and write a children’s book called Nightly News with Safa. Since the age of 16 I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and I spent a lot of my time preparing for that choice.  IContinue reading

My Writing

Leaving A Legacy Behind – Article For The Link Canada

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a Principal of a private school in Mississauga, Ontario for an article for The Link Canada.   In the article, Leaving A Legacy Behind, I discuss Farrah Marfatia’s journey as a female Muslim professional in Canada, her journey towards education and her hopes for her community.  Give it a read and let me know your thoughts! For more about The Link Canada, click here.          

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Crafting Connections – Guest Post

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful blog called Crafting Connections.  Since then I’ve frequently visited it and found wonderful ideas and lesson inspiration.  There are some amazing posts that you must see, such as: Proficiency Scales and Author’s Purpose. Anyways, I enjoyed this blog so much that I requested to do a guest post for it, which was graciously accepted.  I wrote about the importance of asking questions as a reading strategy, as well as how to get your students asking critical thinking questions.  Take a look at the post here, and let me know your thoughts! Here are more ways to check out Crafting Connections: Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Facebook I hope you all enjoy this blog find andContinue reading